Substitute Players and Free Agents

PicNameLocationEmailGenderJoin or Sub?Willing DaysWilling Ratings
Daïka AugustinSarasota, FloridaLog in to see Phone and EmailFemaleSub or Join TeamSatAA
Good morning,my name is Daika Augustin, I am writing you this email so that you can help me with volleyball, I know how to play I know the rules because I was in a club in my country, I would like to play, I play since I was 11 to 18, I'm 22 years old, volleyball has been my passion since I was very young, I started playing at 11 years old. and I live in the USA, more precisely in Florida, I speak French and English and Creole. I am a certified nursing assistant I also work at Publix I am a person who likes to work in a team if you hire me you will not regret it I will also study LPN at Lindsey Hopkins technical college Thank you I am waiting for your response.
Nyah DamannLog in to see Phone and EmailFemaleSub or Join TeamSat, SunA, B, BB
2 years of beach volleyball history